dimecres, 24 de gener de 2018

Trying out Etwinning platform

Our LTSDU team will start working cooperatively with students team members from other partners countries through the European platform Etwinning and our project Twinspace. It would be an enriching and motivating task form them, let’s start!

dilluns, 22 de gener de 2018

LTSDU Dissemination

To keep our students and scholar community updated, we've published these two important tools (roll up and posters) to disseminate our Erasmus +  project LTSDU. See how awesome they look at the high school entrance and in the corridors.


divendres, 19 de gener de 2018

University Workshop

 Our students atttended a workshop entitled : “Do Research! @ “Parc Científic” in Barcelona where, as biotechnologists do, they dealt with a real-life situation, that is to say, how to transfer DNA to a virus in order to fight against illnesses such as sclerosis #erasmusplus #sepie #ltsduspain


LTSDU Video Contest

Now it's time to vote for the best video that shows the role of sciences in our daily life.
These are the proposals. Check them out!

diumenge, 14 de gener de 2018

LTSDU Video Contest

These last weeks, our LTSDU students team have been working hard on researching the role of sciences in our daily lives to take part in our project international contest. Each country has published their video proposals. This is our video:

dijous, 2 de novembre de 2017

LTSDU Breaking News!

This week's local newspaper 08centvint has published an article to disseminate the three Erasmus + we're implenting this year at INS Marina.

Among them, LTSDU project is mentioned in relation to the last teachers' mobility to Pétér András Gimnázium és Kóllegium in Szeghalom (Hungary), where we met other teachers from Turkey, Italy and Czech Republic to discuss and evaluate actions done during the 1st year of the project as well as suggesting and reaching an agreement on future 2nd year actions to be implemented at our school. These are our mobility's photo slide and meeting presentation:

diumenge, 8 d’octubre de 2017

Weekly teaching staff meeting update

    We're back from summer holidays and now it's time to go on working on LTSDU!

   This week we attended our weekly teaching staff meeting to explain our workmates an evaluation of the 1st year of the project (coordination, dissemination and impact tasks, our students' feedback about the 1st year of the project as well as future actions to get ready to. Last but no least, we introduced next week mobility to Hungary. See you in a week, we're off to Péter András Gimnázium és Kollégium in Szeghalom, Hungary.  

     This is Marta and me during the teaching staff meeting last week at INS Marina (La Llagosta)