dimarts, 3 d’abril de 2018

Visiting primary schools in La Llagosta

   Our Erasmus + project students team have visited today their former primary schools to give some presentations about their personal Erasmus + experiences, everything they have learned so far and how much they enjoyed the trips they made. Primary students were really engaged and motivated to take part in future projects!

diumenge, 1 d’abril de 2018

Planning ahead and certificates

   During the last work sessions at INS Marina, our project coordinator has planned ahead final students tasks for the last mobility of the project in Italy. Moreover, our partners have been given an attendance certificate of this La Llagosta’s mobility. It has been a very profitable mobility to assess what we’ve been implementing so far, to get to know each other deeper as well as the problems our teenagers may have and to get ready for the last actions to be taken to finish our project LTSDU.

dissabte, 3 de març de 2018

Your Science Star Activity

   During our C3 Training Teachers Mobility, we suggested to implement a quite useful activity for our project Science teachers. After discussing what are the most demotivating and top 10 motivating strategies we may use to promote Science knowledge among our students, we encouraged our partners and science teachers to take part in a 10' lesson activity. The aim was to brainstorm in groups of 4 or 5 teachers their top 1 activity that may be useful to share with the others. In 10' their task was to discuss main aspects of this actity while filling in the gaps in this worksheet: objectives, stickibility, groupings, learning goals, and learning steps among other aspects. It was a very profitable activity for all of us to improve our teaching practice.

Academies in Barcelona

As a complementary off school activity, we invited our partners to visit the Royal Academy of Medicine and the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts, both in Barcelona. We really enjoyed these visits where we observed the old instrument collection, the clock collection, the astronomical as well as the meteorological and seismological functional equipment.

dimarts, 27 de febrer de 2018

Emotionally Intelligent Teachers

During our second mobility day at INS Marina, Mireia Cubero, psychologist and coach, visited us to do a workshop to increase our best practices as teachers in our daily lessons. It was a very interesting workshop for all of us¡

C3 Mobility at INS Marina

We're speding some days together at INS Marina to share, discuss and reach an agreement about the best ways and resources to deal with teenagers' problems during science lessons. We met to share our country and school's viewpoints as well as our Curriculum requirements. Teachers from Czeck Republic, Turkey, Hungary and Italy are hosted in La Llagosta this week to take part in the village's daily life.

dimecres, 24 de gener de 2018

Trying out Etwinning platform

Our LTSDU team will start working cooperatively with students team members from other partners countries through the European platform Etwinning and our project Twinspace. It would be an enriching and motivating task form them, let’s start!